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Empowering Interns with Our Comprehensive Mentorship Program

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

At BTMR Solutions, we understand that internships play a crucial role in shaping the future of aspiring professionals across various disciplines. However, the fast-paced nature of many industries often leaves interns without adequate guidance and support. That's why we've designed a comprehensive mentorship program tailored to address this gap and provide interns with the professional development they need to excel in their careers. We offer three tiers of internship training services to cater to different needs, along with confidentiality agreements for projects when required.

Tier 1: Basic Mentorship

Our Basic Mentorship tier is designed for organizations looking to provide interns with a solid foundation in essential professional skills and techniques.

This tier includes:

  • Weekly 1-hour group mentoring sessions with our industry experts.

  • Access to a curated list of resources to enhance learning.

  • A personalized development plan for each intern.

  • Confidentiality agreements for sensitive projects, if needed.

Pricing: $1,500 per intern for the duration of the internship (10-15 hours of mentoring)

Tier 2: Advanced Mentorship

The Advanced Mentorship tier builds on the Basic Mentorship offering, with additional benefits to foster deeper learning and engagement:

  • All features of the Basic Mentorship tier.

  • Weekly 1-hour individual mentoring sessions for personalized guidance.

  • Project reviews and feedback from our industry experts.

  • Access to advanced resources and case studies for enriched learning.

Pricing: $3,000 per intern for the duration of the internship (20-30 hours of mentoring)

Tier 3: Premium Mentorship

Our Premium Mentorship tier is tailored for organizations seeking a fully immersive and customized learning experience for their interns. This tier includes:

  • All features of the Advanced Mentorship tier.

  • Customized learning modules designed to address specific organizational needs.

  • Priority access to our industry experts for consultations and support.

  • Post-internship follow-up support for ongoing professional development.

Pricing: $5,000 per intern for the duration of the internship (35-50 hours of mentoring)

Partner with Us Today!

Our Data Science Mentorship Program offers a unique opportunity for organizations to invest in the future of their interns and help them become valuable assets in the ever-evolving data science ecosystem. With three customizable tiers, BTMR Solutions caters to the diverse needs of both interns and organizations. Help your interns unlock their full potential by partnering with us today!

To learn more about our Data Science Mentorship Program, please visit contact us for further details. Let's work together to shape the future of data science.

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